Who is Steve?

Steve is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for helping mid-life clients like YOU build a healthy body and improve the quality of life. He works with individual clients like YOU to evaluate fitness levels, set goals, monitor progress and blast through plateaus. Steve delivers cardio programs and strength training to transform unhealthy habits and enhance the quality of life.

As a triathlete for over 10 years, Steve has completed 4 IronMan triathlon races in addition to multiple marathons, and long bike rides. In those years he has also helped multiple mid-life individuals like YOU on their fitness journey to build a healthy functioning body (and lose a few pounds on the way), and reach their fitness goals.

How can Steve help YOU?

Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, finish your first race, improve on your best race time or just build muscle, Steve can get you those AMAZING results FASTER

Are you looking to lose a few pounds, looks better and FEEL better ?

Running your first 5K or 10K, upgrading to a half-marathon or qualifying for the Boston Marathon ?

Build a strong and healthy body ?


Or, just need some motivation and training advise ?